Latest News: We now have a CW practice net on 21.045MHz each Thursday evening at 8PM. Please check in if you are interested. Please contact us for our next exam session. No such thing as an official 10m Calling Freq.

Find us on 28.455MHz then 147.555MHz Sundays, now @ 2000EST

448.5250 Digital Yaesu Fusion Reapeater


    Meet us at the Fort Washington Medical Center, Fort Washington, Maryland 20744  




The President will develop the long-term objectives of the club over the period of his or her term in office. The president will ensure the club has the necessary or required facilities, equipment, training, certifications, and standards in order to fulfill the club’s objectives. The President will uphold the constitution to the fullest extent.

Larry (interim)



The Vice-President will ensure he or she is informed, able, and willing to fulfill the role of President in his/her absence. The Vice-President will coordinate and ensure proper execution of the objectives of the President and advise the President on any obstacles and/or limitations of the club to fulfill his objectives.







The Secretary will be an expert administrator and handle all administrative actions of the club and club members. The Secretary will advise the President and Vice-President on administrative issues and changes in policy as they occur in the Amateur community. The Secretary will handle the administrative communications to all members and collect/disseminate all required information and documents required for processing.

Pam Humbert



The Treasurer will collect any dues and/or fees associated with the club or processing club members’ paperwork. The Treasurer will advise the President and Vice-President on the financial and budgetary agenda of the club in line with the President’s objectives. The Treasurer will research sponsorship potential and recommend options to the President and Vice-President. 

About Us

 The purpose of the Fort Washington Amateur Radio Club is to:


  • Communicate by providing radio coverage across the area to promote on-air participation of members and future members, to provide reliable alternate communications services, and to help educate less experienced Hams on Amateur radio techniques


  • Educate people on Amateur radio by mentoring and training youth groups, law enforcement, hikers, boaters, fishermen, or anyone who would potentially use communications services on the proper techniques and licensing requirements to operate on the air and by sharing knowledge and techniques with junior Amateur members to make them better operators 


  • Serve the community by providing licensing exams, merit badge counseling, local area Ham fests, DX and Fox Hunt contests, repeater services, long distance HF and EchoLink nets



We work closely with PGARES in hospital related activities with a very high participation rate at the Fort Washington Medical Center during hospital drills, as well as supporting other events when needed. We also conduct quarterly radio fox-hunts while coordinating with a number of regular fox-hunt enthusiasts in the MDC area. We dedicate time for various special events such as Field Day, Lighthouse/Lightship Weekend, and Kids Day. Some of our members are astronomers which increase our interests across the realm of science.

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Let's Meet

Fort Washington Amateur Radio Club


Current Meeting Location:


DUE to COVID we are currently meeting virtually on Zoom

- please contact us for details


Fort Washington Medical Center EOC located at:


Fort Washington Medical Center. 11711 Livingston Road, Fort Washington, MD 20744



Meeting Date & Time:


Every second Wednesday of each month between 7 - 8:30pm


Find us on the air on:


448.5250MHz- Yaesu Digital Fusion Repeater (-) pl 110.9


 Check in on 28.455MHz every Sunday, now @ 2000 - until complete, followed by 147.555MHz Simplex for emergency backup testing!



The NCS will control the weekly radio net and recommend changes to the net schedule based on time, propagation, participation, and club activities. The NCS must be willing and able with enough power and gain to communicate with a large majority of the Club Member stations across the area during the entirety of the net. The NCS can recommend changes to the net's operating frequency/band based on the license class of the members of the club and/or issues with interference on the airwaves. The NCS controls the flow, agenda, and content of the weekly communications net.

Scotty Ward



The Event Coordinator is responsible for energizing our members and the community by researching and suggesting events that will educate, inspire, and entertain the public on Amateur Radio. This person is the life of the party. Please contact the events coordinator on your clubs events so that it will make it on the combined club calendar for all to enjoy. If you would like to see an event happen, reach out to the events coordinator. 

Jeff Humbert



The Volunteer Examiners Team Leader is responsible for setting up Amateur Radio Licensing exam sessions for the public in accordance with FCC and VEC rules and guidelines. Please contact the VE Team Leader if you have a need to obtain or upgrade your license outside of our monthly exams sessions held every second Wednesday of each month in the Fort Washington Medical Center Cafeteria at 6pm. 




The Editor will work with the Club Officers to inform club members and the public through multimedia and newsletters on the club's activities, financial status, due dates, meeting notes, website changes, and meeting locations. Where the Secretary directly communicates with Club Members via email, the club editor communicates through media.

Jeff Humbert



The Emergency Coordinator will work with the club officers and club members on the prepparedness of the local Amateur Radio community and ensure the Fort Washington Medical Center is properly staffed during emergency situations and drills. The EC will advise the club officers on issues and deficiencies related to preparedness and drills.

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