Latest News: We now have a CW practice net on 21.045MHz each Thursday evening at 8PM. Please check in if you are interested. Please contact us for our next exam session. No such thing as an official 10m Calling Freq.

Find us on 28.455MHz then 147.555MHz Sundays, now @ 2000EST

448.5250 Digital Yaesu Fusion Reapeater


    Meet us at the Fort Washington Medical Center, Fort Washington, Maryland 20744  

ADI AT400 5W 70CM HT

ADI AT400 5W 70CM HT

Original battery 12V 600mah
Original rubbery duck antenna
Original charger
Belt clip

Extras included
Extra 12V 700mah battery
Pryme ear piece mic
Pryme speaker hand mic
Leather case
7" RD7 Rats tail antenna

Only problem is a small piece of the outer rubber coating that house the wires of the Hand Mic and ear piece mic has come off. Both miss still work though. Asking $90.00. Take cash or Paypal. Can be reached at