Latest News: We now have a CW practice net on 21.045MHz each Thursday evening at 8PM. Please check in if you are interested. Please contact us for our next exam session. No such thing as an official 10m Calling Freq.

Find us on 28.455MHz then 147.555MHz Sundays, now @ 2000EST

448.5250 Digital Yaesu Fusion Reapeater


    Meet us at the Fort Washington Medical Center, Fort Washington, Maryland 20744  

Licensing Training

Becoming a licensed Amateur is the first step to becoming an Amateur radio operator or “Ham”. This first step is taken by youths and adults alike. Earning your first license can be challenging if you do not know where to begin or what to study. As a club we will provide training and mentorship to those members wishing to obtain their Amateur license. Classes will be held periodically but mentorship will always be there. We will gladly walk you through the steps to becoming a Ham. We will make this a pleasant journey.

Cross Training


Once you become a full-fledged Ham you will be immersed the lingo and the culture of Amateur radio. Part of this immersion is sharing and receiving knowledge about the Amateur radio field from other Hams. Cross training will help educate junior Hams and Hams with different experiences and specialties and make all of us better mentors and operators. Hams look forward to sharing their knowledge with other Hams. Another way to enhance our skill is to participate in DX contests and Fox hunts. Dx contests test your understanding of radio wave propagation and antenna theory and to see how many distant stations you can communicate with by applying this knowledge in the field. Fox hunts test your ability to find hidden transmitters using a directional antenna, receiver, and applying the proper direction finding principles in the field. Both are fun ways to get out and experience the Amateur Radio world.

Certification Upgrades


As the years go by your Amateur radio experience and appreciation will grow. It will be time to give back to other Hams and increase your responsibility in the community. To achieve this it is incumbent upon you to take the next step. Upgrading and adding to your existing certification will help the club take on new and improved endeavors and help us outreach, train and mentor a greater number of people. This will have a huge impact on our community as a whole.